All of our boxes have been curated with each trimester in mind, but are not limited to that specific trimester. The beauty of all the items we have chosen is that they are appropriate at any time during the pregnancy, so you can't go wrong! 


Below we have detailed the intention behind each trimester box, and hopefully one (or all) of them is exactly what you've been looking for! 

Trimester Bundle

"The Box Set"

Surprise her every trimester with timed delivery of each trimester box! Many of our friends and family love giving this as a group gift to make sure mama stays pampered throughout the entire pregnancy. 

First Trimester

"The Celebration Box"

We understand that most people do not announce their pregnancies until after the first trimester which is why the items in this particular box are appropriate to just say congratulations! We love it because it helps with celebrating all milestones and lets the mama know you are thinking of her. 

Second Trimester

"The Balance Box"

Balance is so important during pregnancy because life doesn't stand still, but your body is going through so much you probably wish it would. With this box we slowly introduce mama to the world of self care while providing useful everyday items that help with life’s daily demands.

Third Trimester

"The Pamper Box"

Who doesn't love getting pampered!!?? This box brings that spa experience to you. Enjoy every hand picked item that transforms your bathroom into your own personal oasis, but be careful, other people in the house will want to crash your little spa day!

Labor/Delivery & Postpartum

"The Game Day Box"

Everyone's pregnancy journey is different, so naturally everyone's birth plan will be different. We put together the following items to either pack in your "go bag" or to keep handy at home for the big day. No matter where you choose to give birth, this box is going to make the labor & delivery process and recovery a little more comfortable. 

Welcome Baby Box

After the 40 week journey, the baby is finally here!! Naturally the baby needs a taste of luxury, and this is the perfect box to help with that. Our gender neutral pallet makes it suitable for every baby!

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